How Do I Buy One

The Niche Domain Acquisition & Transfer Process

So you’ve found a domain (or several) you want to buy and are ready to make a purchase, please get in touch with us by email (, or submit a form below, and we’ll initiate the acquisition process.

Simple Process

For domains under $499-US, we will send you an agreement to sign and send back, along with a PayPal Invoice. Upon receipt of your agreement and payment, we will send you the domain transfer authorization code. That’s it!

For domains over $499-US, we can do the same as above but if you have concerns, we are happy to use as long as you pay the fees. For domains (or bulk purchases) over $1999-US, we will absorb the fees.

How Does Escrow Work?

We sign an agreement of sale and transfer. You deposit the funds to, we get notified and send you the domain transfer authorization code. Once it’s confirmed that you have control, the funds are released to us. You can read the full details on their website and also use their fee calculator for domains less than $1999-US.